Titanic Violin Back in Branson

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Titanic bandmaster Wallace Hartley’s’ violin, now numbered among the most famous and costly instruments in the world, returns to Branson, site of its international public debut.

“We’re proud to be the sole exhibitor of this magnificent Titanic treasure, which sold for $1.7 million dollars the highest price ever paid for an RMS Titanic artifact,” announces Titanic Museum Attractions President, CCO and Co-Owner, Mary Kellogg-Joslyn.

“The Hartley Titanic violin is the single most requested and important artifact our visitors have asked to see again. I feel that’s because this fragile reminder of Titanic’s final moments plays on untapped emotions that touch the heart,” Kellogg-Joslyn says. “We are honored to have earned the trust of the Hartley Titanic Violin’s unidentified owner and we are proud to display his extraordinary piece of Titanic history for all the world to see.”

After standing in awe at the sight of the mystical violin, visitors at the premier showing said:

  • “It literally took my breath away, so powerful.”
  • “I choked up and so did people around me.”
  • “I could almost hear it playing Nearer My God to Thee.”

The Hartley Titanic violin was found and authenticated in 2005.  It was sold at auction by Henry Aldridge and Son for $1.7 million, by far the highest ever paid for memorabilia tied to Titanic. The new owner is unknown to the public and the violin remains out-of-sight except for exclusive showings at the Titanic Museums in Branson and Pigeon Forge.

The Titanic Museum Attraction in Branson, MO opens daily at 9 a.m.  Reservations are strongly suggested.  Tickets are available online at www.titanicbranson.com or by phone at 800-381-7670.


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