Branson Waitress Recognized for Helping a Family in Need

by: Chrystal Blair, Ozarks First

Rebecca Ennis has been a waitress at Denny’s for six years.

Her co-workers praise her for having a big and caring heart, so what she did late Tuesday night didn’t surprise them one bit.

A customer informed the Denny’s staff that a distraught woman and her children were sitting in a car in the restaurant parking lot.

She said she’d just been kicked out of where she was living and her children had no shoes or food.

“It’s rough but my kids are grown and she had three kids with her and the kids got me,” Rebecca said.

Rebecca was getting off work, but she took $20 from her tips and gave it to another server to take care of the family in need.

” I told her, I said ‘I really don’t have a lot. Cause I didn’t make that much money that night. But, I’ve had people help me out, so,’” Rebecca said.

What made the gesture even more amazing is that Rebecca herself is struggling to make ends meet.

She lives in an extended stay motel and has no transportation.

“Sometimes people get overlooked and really they’re taking out of their own pocket when they can barely afford to help somebody,” Margie Sutton, General Manager at the Denny’s at Branson said.

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