by: Scott McCaulley

The Branson Board of Alderman once again postpones action on the Final Reading of a Bill that would proceed with burying of Utilities on 76 County Music Blvd. after one of the Alderman Recused himself from discussion due to a conflict of interest.

Kevin McConnell stated when the reading of the bill was due that he had been asked by a client of his business to change his vote on underground utilities and due to the fact that he could lose business due to not changing his vote or changing his vote for business gain, he would not participate in discussion or voting on the issue anymore.

After a break in the meeting, it was decided to postpone any further discussion on the item for this meeting.

Earlier in the meeting, a discussion was held discussing the legality of the Mayor Edd Akers changing Abstention Votes to No in order to preserve Decorum of the meetings. Legal Opinions were stated on both sides of the issues but in the end, the Lawyer that City Attorney Chris Lebeck sought a second opinion from said that while it is not common, he still felt the Mayor was acting in his authority to do so.