Three Dogs Discovered at Busiek State Park

by: Francis Linn, Ozarks First

Three dogs were discovered by two hikers apparently abandoned at the Busiek State Park.

The hikers, Mary Roppolo and Quentin Biggs, contacted the conservation department and Rescue One went out to the park to look for the dogs for two hours.

“We thought they might have been campers dogs, but there was nobody camping, so we knew they were dumped,” Biggs said.

“We got some food and some water for them, they let us approach, and they were very timid, but as soon as they realized that we were feeding them, like you could tell they haven’t eaten in days,” Roppolo said. “It was the saddest thing.”

Rescue One talked about the search for the dogs.

“We started at the entrance and slowly combed the area all the way down to the picnic table on the left,” Rescue One said. “We went down by the water and looked all over, we went by the quarry (we could not access that area) so we went down to the shooting range. We got out and walked all around there as well. Unfortunately, we were not able to locate the dogs. We will return as soon as there is another sighting. We just need the public to let us know. They are more than welcome to message rescue one on Facebook if they do see them again and I will personally go and pick them up.”

Francis Skalicky, with the conservation department, says it’s not a part of their job to take care of those dogs.

“We don’t have the capabilities to take care of pets,” Skalicky said. “We are a Fish & Wildlife agency, we take care of the fish and wildlife in Missouri. In that mandate of the constitution, domestic pets are not included.”

Though Rescue One went out and looked for the dogs, they did not find them and are not sure if the dogs are still out there.


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