Diamond City Police Department Resigns

From: KTLO

Diamond City has been left without a police force, after its chief and its only other officer resigned.

KY3/KSPR reports, as a result, keeping the streets of Diamond City quiet may now rest with the people who live there instead of police.

Resident Merrie Jackson says, “It’s very disturbing because if there’s an emergency, if someone were to come to our door, come in with a gun, and we’re dialing 911, we’ve got a 30-minute wait probably for someone to get here.”

Diamond City lost its only two police officers suddenly to resignations. For people who live in the city, that means the Boone County Sheriff’s Office, based 24 miles away in Harrison, will have to respond.

Mayor Linda Miracle announced at the city council meeting Tuesday both the city’s police chief and part-time officer resigned.

The law enforcement officers are just the latest city employees to quit in the past year.

Diamond City council member Cristy Olcott says, “We’ve had two public works directors resign, we had our treasurer resign at the beginning of the year. It’s a blow to DC for both of our police officers to resign.”

The city also had two council members resign last year.

Mayor Miracle did not return KY3/KSPR’s request for comment. Officer Mark Rice declined to comment, and when Chief Chris Patrick was called multiple times, the phone went straight to voicemail, and his mailbox was full.

Rice’s resignation letter did not give a reason for leaving, and the mayor says Patrick didn’t write one.

But Olcott says the mayor did offer an explanation.

Olcott says, “She did say that with all the political problems that we are facing with Diamond City, that they’ve had all that they can stand.”

A few months ago the mayor sued some council members and a few other people for holding a meeting without her, after she failed to show up to multiple meetings in a row.

One of the defendants later countersued. The motion hearing is scheduled for Feb. 20 at the Boone County Courthouse.

Some people who live in the area are so concerned they took to Facebook to try to organize a neighborhood watch group.

Both officers are going to work at Lead Hill, about five minutes away from Diamond City. They start work on Monday.

No news yet on who will replace them or when they will be replaced.


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