“Mystery Hour” Host Starts Campaign to Pay Medical Debt in the Ozarks

by: Ivie Macy, Ozarks First

The host of “The Mystery Hour” launched a campaign to get rid of $2,700,000 worth of medical debt over 15 counties in the Ozarks.

Jeff Houghton, the host, says he wanted to start this campaign because he has seen so much poverty in the Ozarks, and some people are simply unable to pay their medical debts.

“People should not be forced into bankruptcy because of a medical condition,” Houghton said.

The campaign was launched this past Saturday, and they already have almost $6,000 as of right now.

Here is how much each of the counties owe:

Greene $121,817.77
Polk $61,779.91
Dallas $105,105.30
Webster $60,897.42
Christian $139,094.45
Dade $949.95
Lawrence $76,806.30
Barry $119,144.36
McDonald $733,869.54
Newton $124,237.69
Jasper $606,251.12
Barton $40,558.78
Vernon $56,340.37
Stone $53,763.51
Taney $192,793.37
Cedar County $29,099.86
Wright $28,870.71
Douglas $11,342.39
Ozark $25,653.39
Laclede $181,290.34

Want to donate to the campaign? Click here.


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