Pratt speaks to HMS Gifted And Talented students

On Thursday, Dr. Stewart Pratt, superintendent of Harrison School District, inspired middle school students in the gifted and talented program with a humbling speech.

Pratt greeted the students warmly with a couple jokes, and then a list of six words: adaptability, flexibility, drive, hubris, fear, and connection. As he told his story, he defined and used these words.

His story consisted of a shortened life experience, humbling himself, and telling the students that he was not a perfect student: he wasn’t the top of his class, he wasn’t the first picked in athletics, and that he didn’t like school all that much. 

 “You have to be adaptable. Your education never ends,” Pratt said.

He went on to explain that with the lessons he learned, he grew as a person and eventually attained his position as school superintendent. 

Throughout the story, Pratt took questions from the students, who were very eager to ask and hear more. 

Dr. Pratt is in his third school year at Harrison and moved to Arkansas from Missouri. 

Article written by Trey Ward, a junior student at Harrison High School.


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