Harrison School District’s Take On New Recreational Center

Do students at Harrison High School and the staff of the district believe the city should go through with the proposed recreational center? The short answer: yes. Students and staff were surveyed, getting responses from 243 students and from 53 staff at the time of writing.

56% of student respondents said that they planned to use the facility, with a few even promising to use it daily. Regardless, the majority of the student body surveyed intended to use the facility. The rest of the responses regarding how often students would use the facility were more promising: 28% said that they intended to use the facility once per month; 18% once per week; and 10% multiple times per week.

Students were also asked to state the cost of the facility, and only 21% answered correctly, with the estimated cost nearing $40 million.

Based on survey results, coaches were ecstatic about the new facility. Of those who responded, 38% would require that their student athletes use the facility, but 93% believed that their student athletes will independently use the facility.

Other district faculty also seemed enthusiastic about the facility’s construction, with 76.5% supporting the project. A third of the teaching staff, however, believed a smaller facility would better meet the needs of the city.

The students and at Harrison High School and the staff of the Harrison School District undoubtedly support the facility, despite the high costs.

Story by Trey Ward, Harrison High School Junior


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