Taney County Commission Takes Vote Against CAFO Facilities

by: Ivie Macy, Ozarks First

An effort to keep large factory farms out of Taney County continues as County Commissioners took a vote Monday Morning against against Senate Bill 391.

The bill would allow Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, more commonly known as CAFOs.

That law is set to take effect on August 28.

The law says counties cannot make independent regulations for CAFOs.

Last month people who live in Taney and Stone counties met and expressed concern about how these farms would let sewage into streams, lakes, rivers, and drinking water.

Monday, Taney County commissioners voted for an ordinance that would force the Department of Natural Resources to consider the county’s karst topography before allowing any large animal operation in.

Eastern District Commissioner Sheila Wyatt says residents have major concerns.

“My phone has been very busy with people concerned about it and wanting us to do something to protect the area.” Said Wyatt. “Business owners, individuals, people on small farms, people who have wells, a lady gave testimony today she only has an 80 footwell. They’re concerned about their water.”

Stone County already has an ordinance in place but commissioners are voting today on an ordinance that would be more strict than the state legislation.

This story is developing.

The Springfield News-Leader reports the Missouri Rural Crisis Center believes counties with stricter rules in place before the 28th should be able to keep them, but the Missouri Farm Bureau disagrees.


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