by: Scott McCaulley

Harrison’s House of Hope Day Center continues to develop programs to help the homeless get back on their feet after losing a home, job, transportation, or more. Now the organization is looking to develop a safe, controlled location for people staying in vehicles to temporarily park.

Rhonda Davidson, the organization’s Executive Director , briefed the Harrison City Council at last week’s Committee Meetings since House of Hope leases their current property from the city. Davidson says that people living out of their vehicles park on their and other area properties without permission. Their proposal would set-up an area where people that have been processed through House of Hope could park their vehicle in a designated area near their building for a limited time. Davidson says the goal of the proposal would be to better secure the area and also help Law Enforcement know who has permission to be in the area and who doesn’t.

The proposal will be discussed further by the council at their regular meeting next week.