by: Scott McCaulley

A couple from Washburn in Missouri’s Barry County break into a car on the parking lot of a Walmart Neighborhood Market in Pea Ridge, Arkansas to get a baby out that had been left in a vehicle.

The incident, reported in the Pea Ridge Times, happened Sunday afternoon when the couple saw several people standing around a vehicle a few rows down from where they and her family were unloading groceries.

Michele Holt found out from the group what was happening as they were trying to figure out how to get the child out when she got her husband Nathaniel’s attention and he was able to break the window out of the back of the glass and eventually get the child out.

The infant was taken into the store and eventually emergency personnel got to the scene to treat the child who was taken to to the Northwest Arkansas unit of Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Springdale where he was reported in Stable Condition.

Two women, also from Barry County, were arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a minor. The infant’s mother, Karlee Spear, 21, and aunt, Ashlee Danley, 26, both of Seligman, had forgot the child and had been in the store for around 45 minutes according to Pea Ridge Police Chief Lynn Hahn.