by: Scott McCaulley

A continuing dialogue between the Harrison Regional Chamber of Commerce and the City of Harrison results in a $10,000 additional appropriation from the city to help the chamber continue with their Economic Development efforts.

At the June Regular Meeting, the Council took up a proposal first heard by the City’s Finance Committee from the Chamber requesting a new $65,000 contract to continue the chambers efforts which in the past had been part of an annual contract of $5000.

At the council meeting, the chamber mentioned and was also praised for its efforts to help employees of the soon to be closed Flex Steel Plant find potential new employment. In further discussion, Mayor Jerry Jackson and the council agreed it would be impossible to grant such a huge contract in the middle of a budget year but did eventually vote 6-1 to give the Chamber $10,000 still in the budget for Fees and Dues and re-visit possibly more money later in the year plus in discussions when putting together the 2020 Budget.

The only council member opposing the motion made by Councilman Bill Boswell was Mary Jean Creager while Councilman Wayne Cone was out of town and did not attend the meeting.