by: Scott McCaulley

The Annual Springfield Holiday Baseball Tournament continues today with one Pool of the Tournament taking place at Branson’s Pirate Park.

Games on Friday for the area teams saw both Branson and Hollister go 1-1 while the Ramsey Motor team from Harrison went 0-2. The other two teams in the Branson Pool, Willard and Jeff City Helias, went 2-0 and 1-1 respectively.

Games today start at 9:00 and go throughout the day. Order of games:

Willard vs. Ramsey
Willard vs. Helias
Helias vs. Hollister
Branson vs. Hollister
Branson vs. Ramsey

Other Pools in the Varsity Tournament are being hosted by Republic and Hillcrest with the top teams in each pool plus one wild card to play in the final four of the tournament Sunday at Hillcrest.

Meanwhile, Pool Play is taking place in a JV Tournament at Catholic, Rogersville, Parkview, Crane, and Nixa with the final four of that tournament scheduled for Parkview on Sunday.