by: Scott McCaulley

An amendment to the current Tobacco Law passes on a Final Reading Tuesday as Branson Mayor Edd Akers casts the deciding vote breaking a tie.

The ordinance before Alderman amended the law already on the books to prohibit the distribution, possession, and sale of alternate Tobacco Items including those involved in vaping to minors as it is now with regular Tobacco Products. The amendment also matches the guidelines currently in State Law.

Some members of the board had issues with the potential penalties of breaking the law and the lack of a current education program for minors, though city officials did state in the meeting that a plan was beginning to take shape for those programs with the Branson School District and Cox Health.

At the time of the vote Aldermen Brian Clonts, Bob Simmons, and Bill Skains voted in favor of the ordinance while Rick Castillion, Kevin McConnell, and Larry Milton opposed it after which Mayor Akers cast the deciding force to add the amendment to the current law.

Click below for audio from Tuesday’s Meeting discussing this issue: