Chad Morris at Arkansas Razorback Banquet

University of Arkansas Head Football Coach Chad Morris

University of Arkansas Head Football Coach Chad Morris attended the Harrison Razorback Club’s annual banquet on Tuesday night. He spoke to the future of the Razorbacks and what fans can expect from the program going forward.

Morris said while fans didn’t see improvements on the scoreboard last season improvements within to the Razorback’s did occur. He spoke to the changing of the culture within the U of A football program for both the players and staff. He said going into year two everyone knows what is expected and what is allowed.

During spring practice Morris removed all the logos and official Razorback gear from his players and even moved them into the visiting locker room to make them earn their way back into the home side of the field. When players did well they gained points toward earning back a piece of their gear.

Morris also introduced the team motto of “Every”. Meaning that everything you do is important whether it is on the football field or in life. He took the idea from a quote that said, “Everyday is important on your last day on Earth.”

With twelve new recruits in the Razorback’s program this year Morris says he expects fans to begin to see the improvements he’s making during the 2019 fall season.


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