North Arkansas College to Tear Down Center Tower

by: Matt Sharp, KTLO

After waiting for bids on its center campus tower, North Arkansas College came up empty.

North Ark President Dr. Randy Esters says after looking at every option, the facility in downtown Harrison will be torn down according to KTLO from KYTV/KSPR.

The tower was constructed nearly 40 years ago, but last year, mold was reportedly discovered on two floors of the tower. Occupants of offices on both floors were moved out, and the college looked to sell the tower. Dr. Esters says the school received no bids and no proposals when the 120-day period expired on April 5th. He adds college officials considered a possibility of converting the tower into a parking garage or removing the top floors, but they ultimately decided to destroy it.

The Durand Center side of the building connects to the tower, and Harrison Mayor Jerry Jackson has said in the past the city is interested in using it. Jackson says it would be available for free, and with 23,000 square feet, it would be perfect to house administration, finance and water.

The tower is expected to be torn down in July.