Mountain Home Attorney Withdraws Offer to Serve Diamond City

by: Scott McCaulley

An attorney from Mountain Home who had offered to aid Diamond City with his legal services has withdrawn his offer to the city.

According to a report from and information from the Harrison Daily Times, the offer had been made to Diamond City Mayor Linda Miracle by Roger Morgan, but was later withdrawn citing that city had more legal issues to deal with than he had time to work on.

Mayor Miracle had called a special meeting of the Diamond City Council last week to address her concerns that the current City Attorney, Steven Grady, was costing the city too much money and he did not have the municipal experience she felt the city needed. The meeting was also to address the recent resignation of the City Treasurer but only two of six council members showed up so no business could be conducted due to a lack of a quorum.

The full article from is below:

The Diamond City council with only two members, Cheryl Guthrie and Don Bennett, present was unable to conduct business last week when Mayor Linda Miracle called a special meeting.

The Harrison Daily Times reports securing a new city attorney was among the items on the brief agenda, with Mayor Miracle advising Mountain Home lawyer Roger Morgan has declined to serve in that capacity, citing the city’s numerous issues.

Mayor Miracle said she called the meeting to address the resignations of the treasurer and attorney and to hire a new lawyer with years of municipality knowledge.

‘Miracle said the current lawyer, Steven Grady, is draining the city’s bank account at $200 an hour, plus he does not have the municipality experience the city needs. The mayor said she doesn’t feel the city is getting its money’s worth, Grady needs to be replaced and she had asked him to resign.

Miracle didn’t say when she requested Grady’s resignation, but there is no indication he submitted it.

Grady sent a letter to the mayor and council dated March 3rd saying he was aware Mountain Home city attorney Roger Morgan had offered to serve as Diamond City’s attorney for $500 a month.

Grady said, unfortunately, he believes Diamond City will require a significant amount of legal assistance in the future. He advised the mayor and council to meet with Morgan to discuss his offer of services.

Grady said he was willing to resign as city attorney, if the mayor and a majority of the city council wish to employ Morgan.

In the next sentence, Grady said he would be happy to continue serving, if the mayor and council didn’t ask for his resignation.

Miracle said she had a a lawyer with excellent references willing to take the position for a flat amount of $500 a month, with no additional fees unless he had to cover the city in a lawsuit.

She then told the dozen citizens in the hall Morgan withdrew his offer earlier in the day because council members had called and talked to him. She said Morgan said he the small community has too many problems and will take more time than he has to invest.

The mayor went on to complain she has been excluded from agenda-setting, budget development, and management of the community center. She said she was being ignored, given no info and told she has no authority. Miracle said she finds out in the long run what she needs to know, but it takes an act of Congress to get it.

She then called on the citizens to talk to the council members and let them know “they need to stay out of the city’s day-to-day operations and let me do my job as I was elected to do.”

Miracle said she will make mistakes, but she needs the council to give her support and allow her to do her job.

Miracle noted that of the four absent council members only Carolyn Arnold had notified her she would not be in attendance.



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