Branson Convention Center: Debt Down, Numbers Up

by: Scott McCaulley

The presentation of Branson Convention Center Director Marc Mulherin to the Board of Alderman Tuesday night emphasized that the operating debt of the facility is dropping while the number of people attending events there is on the rise.

SMG Management has been operating the convention center for five years and Mulherin in his presentation stated that the group continues to lower the operating debt of the facility. By implementing many sustainability measures and keeping an eye on operating costs, the operating loss of the convention center dropped from $445,000 in 2017 to $284,000 last year. While expenses were up slightly, the increase in revenue from $4.47 million to $4.67 million helped offset that. Rental income for the center was one of the big revenue sources coming in around $496,000.

Mulherin added that while the total number of groups at the convention center have decreased, the number of people attending the events has increased over the last three years up to an estimated $111,000 in 2018.

Mulherin’s presentation to the council can be heard below: