by: Karen Hopper, KTLO

It’s been three months since a Harrison physician, Dr. James Hawk, surrendered his license to prescribe narcotics and voluntarily agreed to enter a physician assessment program.

The actions followed the Arkansas State Medical Board issuing an emergency order of suspension of Hawk’s license in June. It was the third time in four years the doctor’s license has been suspended.

Arkansas Business reports an examination of Hawk’s file reveals the suspensions followed multiple complaints the physician had overprescribed opioids and had serious mental health issues.

While Hawk reportedly agreed to enter a physician assessment program to determine his competency to practice medicine, there have been no further developments in his case.

Hawk’s attorney told Arkansas Business his client was recently working as a laborer for Tyson Foods in Berryville and could not afford the evaluation.

An operator at the Tyson plant told Arkansas Business Hawk wasn’t working there.

Bruce B. Tidwell, the Little Rock lawyer representing Hawk, says his client had been trying to raise $15-$17,000 to pay for the evaluation.

He says with Hawk being out of his medical practice, it’s hard for him to come up with the funds.

Hawk’s current license suspension came after accusations he overprescribed painkillers to 16 patients.

But Tidwell says Hawk maintains he didn’t do anything wrong. He says Hawk’s position is that he has some patients with some pretty severe issues. Tidwell well says it was not overprescribing. It was authorized. It was what the patients needed at the time.