Press Release

The 2018 Uniform Crime Report (UCR) for the City of Branson shows an overall 14% decrease in crime compared to 2017.

The UCR is a National Crime Reporting system that standardizes crime reporting across state lines. It is a report card to the community and an important accountability measure.

While the UCR shows an overall decrease in crime, including a 10% decrease in rapes, a 50% decrease in attempted rapes and a 33% decrease in robberies, it also shows an increase in some areas. According to the UCR, Branson did see a slight uptick in Vehicle Thefts (2%) and Arson (25%). Felony Assault is also up over 2017 statistics (20%) but this is because Missouri law changed mid-year in 2018. The reporting criteria changed for Felony Assaults and now includes behaviors not previously captured in this category.

“I’m encouraged by these crime reductions. It’s a team effort that has taken hard work from both professional staff and officers,” said Branson Police Chief Jeff Matthews.

“Reducing crime is one of our primary duties. Last November, I introduced our new motto — ‘Service, Integrity, Accountability.’ Our employees are focused on Community Policing and continually impress me with their compassion, dedication and professionalism. Every day I see our employees going above and beyond to do just a little bit extra for our community. I’m proud of the men and woman of the Branson Police Department, they do a great job,” said Chief Matthews.

While the latest numbers from the UCR are encouraging, it’s important for the community to understand that crime increases and decreases over time. The Branson Police Department always tracks the crime and assigns personnel accordingly.

Each crime statistic represents a victim. The Branson Police Department is committed to serving each crime victim and will thoroughly investigate every offense and work with the Prosecuting Attorney to ensure justice is served.

The Branson Police Department is committed to working with neighborhoods and business partners to seek sustainable solutions to issues impacting their quality of life making Branson a great place to live, work and play.