Ruby Chitsey
Ruby Kate Chitsey helping a patient at a Harrison Nursing Home (Photo from Ozarks First)

by: Chrystal Blair, Ozarks First

An 11-year-old girl from Harrison is getting national recognition. The Go-Fund-Me organization has named her “Go-Fund-Me Hero-Kid” of the month — because of her efforts to help nursing home residents.

“I really just help these people that have very little,” said Ruby Kate Chitsey

It all started with Ruby Kate visiting nursing homes with her mother Amanda Chitsey, a Geriatric Nurse Practioner.

“These elderly people hardly ever have a light shine on them this wide..and they so need it,” Amanda Chitsey.

After realizing that many of the elderly residents are only receiving a $40 a month, government allowance for extra expenses.

“It kind of put me to realize that. That’s not a lot for them and that they deserve more,” said Ruby Kate.

Ruby started the “Three wishes for Ruby’s Residents Project.”

“We saw a patient who was really struggling trying to keep her dog … and that broke my heart and it broke Ruby’s heart,” Amanda said. “She ultimately didn’t get to keep her dog and it was really sad — and Ruby started asking residents, ‘If I could bring you any three things in the world, what would those be?'”

Ruby wrote the wishes in a notebook.

“She filled the notebook up,” said Amanda.

The wishes were things like getting a cell phone, shoes, or eating McDonald’s french fries.

“Some of them haven’t had like french fries, or like any fast food in like years,” Ruby said.

For those who are on the receiving end of Ruby’s generosity, her gift is priceless.

“It was so amazing to see someone her age that was so thoughtful of people like us,” said Mary Cheny, a resident at Harrison Rehabilitation and Health nursing center.

Resident Ruby Booth, calls Ruby her namesake. “Any child that does like Ruby’s doing..with the meals and me they are very special, said Booth.

“Make me feel good,” said resident Irmy Satre.

“Gofundme gave her a platform to tell the world about their plight and so I think that’s the most beautiful part of this story because I think America has really responded to that,” Amanda said.

So far, Ruby Kate has raised more than $26,000.