Harrison Mayor Jerry Jackson speaks with the media Friday in regards to the update on the search for John and Amy Villines, including KY3’s Arkansas Bureau Reporter Caitlin Sinett

Mayor Jerry Jackson spoke on Friday evening at Harrison City Hall regarding the search for John and Amy Villines. No new evidence has been found but Mayor Jackson said Lake Harrison is clear. The heavy construction and digging at the lake have been completed with no results. However, the search is not over.

Mayor Jackson spent time with about 40 of the Villines family members on Friday and expressed that they understand the decision to stop digging. He continued, “…we don’t understand what they’re going through. They’re going through something different than we can even imagine.” He said the city will bring dogs back in to walk the area and continue searching. Mayor Jackson was adamant that this has shown to be nothing more than a tragedy and no evidence has been found to show otherwise.

Mayor Jackson’s Remarks on Search for the Villines

One potential break in the investigation could come early next week when results from the crime lab come back regarding a flesh sample that was found. The lab has been working for several days to extract DNA but is still unsure if that will be possible. Chief of Police Chris Graddy has said he hopes to receive those results next week.

In closing Mayor Jackson expressed his frustration at the lack of closure provided to the family and added that one firefighter has devoted himself to floating the creek in search of evidence on his days off.

When asked if there would ever come a point that they would stop searching Mayor Jackson responded, “Never… We’re never giving up.”

Story by: Coleman Taylor