TCAD Helps Mother Deliver Baby at Home

by Chrystal Blair, Ozarks First

Giving birth can be a very intense and overwhelming experience, to say the least. Well, imagine a woman about to have a baby and she’s at home all by herself.

That’s exactly what happened to one Forsyth woman, just a few days before the new year.

She spoke with the media about her ordeal on Wednesday.

Brianna Jensen’s husband drove her to the hospital because she was having serious contractions.

“Well, I’m pretty sure this is happening,” said Jensen.

However, she was sent back home because they said she wasn’t ready to deliver yet.

“I guess they didn’t take me serious,” she said.

Her husband left to run an errand. Home alone..

“I was having contractions,” Jensen said.

Brianna, who had already given birth twice, knew the time was close. Her contractions intensified.

“I was having contractions..I was counting it like 20 minutes, 15 minutes, 10 minutes..

About an hour later, the baby’s head was showing. A very frantic Brianna called 9-1-1.

“Oh, she’s out..oh help me!… the baby out?…Yes, please help,” Jensen screamed to the dispatcher.

Police officer David Forrest arrived on the scene.

“The first thing she asked me is you ever done this before — and like anything with a woman in labor, you lie to them and tell them sure,” said Forrest.

Jensen, yelled at Officer Forrest when he knocked on her door, “Please come in..the babies head.  Please help me to deliver the baby.”

“My name is’re okay, you’re okay,” he said.

Then baby Sophia, made her entrance.

Dispatch: “Is the baby crying or breathing.. Officer Forrest: “The baby is breathing and crying..and we got a baby girl.”

“Officer Forrest..I was so glad he showed up when he did, because I don’t k ow what I would have done,” Jensen said, “He knocked first…and I was crowning so I was just like..why is he knocking? Just come inside.”

Brianna says she is grateful to the entire team of first responders who pitched in.

“It’s really emotional. I mean, to bring a new life into the world and be a part of that..and then actually hear that first cry, is probably the best feeling,” said dispatcher Angela Welch.

“I cut the cord. I was really excited. It was awesome, said EMT Alex Blevins, “The next day we actually went back to the hospital to see the baby…so, it was pretty cool.”

Brianna says the sofa was ruined..hence the baby’s name, Sophia Grace. Born on the sofa by the Grace of God.

Paramedics arrived within 6 minutes of the 911 call, but little Sophia Grace was not waiting on anyone.  Sophia’s mother, Breanna Jensen, successfully delivered the baby, by herself, with instructions from the EMD.  An Officer from the Forsyth Police Department and Paramedics from TCAD arrived within seconds of the delivery.  Paramedics provided medical care for the baby and mother, then transported both to Cox Medical Center Branson.

Click here to see report from Ozarks First.


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