by: Chrystal Blair, Ozarks First

The Branson Skyline will have a new attraction that will have people looking up this spring courtesy of the Tracks Family Fun Parks.

The Skyscraper will stand 170 feet tall at its peak, right off the Branson strip. That’s about 20 feet taller than the Ferris wheel, about a half mile away. At the site now, drill crews are preparing the ground.

“They are actually, started working yesterday and they’re moving along very quickly, so we’re really pleased.”

Skyscraper resembles a giant windmill with propeller arms turning at about 60 miles per hour.

“They’ll see the skyscraper turning at a very rapid pace and then in the distance, they’ll see the Ferris Wheel at one of our other locations..and it will be turning at a much more leisurely”

We spoke with the man behind the technical aspects of the project to find out exactly what it takes to build this new skyscraper ride.

“This hole will be going to a 15-foot rock socket, so it will be about 17 to 18 feet deep, by the time it’s actually done,” said Jim Hendrix, who heads up Maintenance at Tracks Family Fun Parks.

“We’ll have crews come in and start setting forms and pour it full of concrete and about two and a half tons of steel in”

So what will thrill seekers experience?

“So, when you’re at 80 feet, you’re going about 55 miles per hour going around — and you’ll be pulling about 4G’s as you come around the bottom.”

“So, transversely, you’ll be pulling negative G’s as you go around the top. Then halfway through the ride, they’ll stop and you’ll go backward.”

They’re hoping to have the Skyscraper up and running just in time for Spring break.