by: Carrie Winchel, Ozarks First

Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson — celebrates his inauguration day.

He’ll will be sworn in to his second and final term today.

Hutchinson will give a State of the State address in the Arkansas House… Then his inaugural address on the capitol steps.

Hutchinson says the State of the State is better than it was four years ago when he first took office. He notes lower taxes and computer science initiatives.

But the governor still has one main challenge to tackle: workforce education.

“It doesn’t take legislation. It takes change in the culture, more investment, recognizing that our young people need to be prepared for college. Many of them need to be prepared for the workforce,” Hutchinson said.

Hutchinson says when he became Governor… 54 schools didn’t have access to a career training center. That number is down to 17 and he hopes to get it to zero within the next year.