Possible Price Increase on Recyclables

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Harrison City Council Committees met last night and heard a presentation from Inland Waste Solutions who handle the city’s recyclables. The company has requested a rate increase from the city for their services of 10.23%.

What this would equate too is a raise in residential recycling cost of $2.03 per month.

Annual cost increases are common for recycling, however, in 2018 the city approved an increase of only 2.36%. Representatives for Inland explained several reasons for the requested increase, one of which is a result of the Chinese National Sword Policy that took effect in 2017 which halted Chinese imports of US recyclables. Since 1992 the about 45% of world’s recyclables have gone to China according to a study by NPR.

This along with wage increases for employees, higher processing fees at the facility in Rogers Arkansas that accepts Harrison’s recyclable materials, and the geographical location of Harrison in relation to other towns that take their recyclables to the same location were the main reasons given for the increase.

If the increase passes Harrison’s recycling rates would be among the highest in the region. The matter has been tabled for the time being and will be revisited in February once the council has had an opportunity to study the matter further and determine if the requested increase is justified.  

Story By: Coleman Taylor


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