SW Missouri Solar Company Going to American Made Panels

by: Brea Douglas, Ozarks First

Sun Solar in Springfield is transitioning to using American made panels only. After President Trump implemented tariffs impacting the cost of the products, Sun Solar will only buy panels made in the United States as a more cost-effective way of doing business.

Essentially, it means customers won’t have to worry about the cost of solar panels going up because now Sun Solar won’t have to compensate for the 30% tax increase on the products.

The idea of solar panels hasn’t caught on in the state of Missouri. In fact, Sun Solar owner, Caleb Arthur says less than 1% of the state uses them; the majority of that make up though being right here in the Ozarks.

“What’s exciting is that we have over 4,000 solar customers between homes and businesses and most of those are here in southwest Missouri so southwest Missouri has had some of the fastest growing solar installs in the entire midwest,” says Arthur.

From now on, Sun Solar won’t be using foreign manufacturers for solar panels; going instead with a company in Bellingham, Washington. Arthur thinks the now American made product could contribute to more Missourians using solar panels.

“Being in this area, being more conservative minded Americans, what we like to see is manufacturing come backs, we like to see job creation and so this is going to be a big selling point for customers to be able to adopt solar and feel good about the products we’re putting on their roofs,” says Arthur.

As for Sun Solar’s existing customers, they too benefit from the company switching to U.S. made panels. If the power goes out on the grid, they’ll still be able use the panel because of another American made product.

“Now batteries so Tesla Powerwall batteries are also made in the United States so now homeowners can say ‘I’m able to get my solar panels and my battery storage from U.S. manufacturers’, which has really never occurred before,” says Arthur.


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