New Alpena Administration has First Monthly Meeting

The Alpena City Council along with new Mayor Theron McCammond met last night to discuss the city’s budget, future projects, and the Mayor’s vision for the city.

One major focus of the meeting was the ongoing project of building a sewer facility for the City of Alpena. Former Mayor Bobbie Bailey had presented a budget of $5.4 million dollars which Mayor McCammond complimented indicating that Mayor Bailey’s work on this project was instrumental and well done. Mayor McCammond then stated that he believes he has found a path to further savings on the project by allowing the City of Alpena to act as its own general contractor. The Mayor said generally 40% of the cost of a project goes to the general contractor, and if the city takes that responsibility upon itself the savings will amount to approximately $1.4 million. A motion to allow the Mayor to act on behalf of the city in that fashion and to establish potential budget cuts in the case the project costs more than projected was passed unanimously by the council.

Click play to listen to Mayor McCammond’s comments on the potential new sewer system.

Mayor McCammond also laid out his agenda to make updates and create written rules by which the city will operate. The Mayor said, “We need to know where we are going…”

He continued by saying, “I’m going to make mistakes, but I want something to catch me when I do.”

Mayor McCammond presented the vision statement and written ordinances by which Diamond City, AR operates and expressed his desire to have something similar for the city of Alpena. The matter has been tabled for two weeks for further study and will be revisited at a special session on January 21st.

Click play to listen to Mayor McCammond’s Comments on providing transparency to people of Alpena.

Other business included repairing and updating street lights, many of which operate with outdated bulbs that can no longer by purchased. Mayor McCammond has made it a goal to find a way to make the necessary repairs without additional cost to the city. In two weeks the council will also discuss whether or not to raise the salary of the city attorney who has said he will not continue in his position at the current rate, a rate that has not been increased since 2009. The Mayor also stated his desire to raise the rent and place further restrictions on using the Alpena Community Center. This issue has been tabled for one month.

The Alpena City Council will meet with Mayor McCammond in special session on January 21st at 7:00 PM at City Hall to discuss several of the matters presented at last night’s meeting further.


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