by: Hannah Sumpter, Ozarks First

A Lead Hill man was arrested Monday on multiple felony charges after he broke into an impound lot after being released from law enforcement custody the same day.

On Sunday Robert Lambert, 44 was released from the Baxter County Jail at about 9:15 a.m. after being arrested by the Mountain Home Police Department last Friday for various charges, according to a Baxter County press release. His vehicle was impounded by the police and taken to a local impound lot.

After Lambert’s release he went to the impound lot to find his vehicle. The impound lot was closed, but Lambert was captured on video crawling under a fence into the lot, according to the release.

Once inside the lot, Lambert allegedly gained access to a 2008 Toyota Infinity, which wasn’t his vehicle, and drove the car through the gate to the lot.

Lambert then went back into the impound lot, got inside his Chevrolet Blazer and fled, according to the release.

Lambert was found later this afternoon and taken into custody, according to the release.

Lambert is back in the Baxter County Jail on three counts of felony breaking/entering, two counts of felony theft of property, one count of felony criminal mischief and one misdemeanor count of criminal mischief, according to the release.

Lambert has a bond of $50,000. He is scheduled to appear in court on Jan. 10, 2019.