GM Says Branson Convention Center Net Losses Not Major

by: Chrystal Blair, Ozarks First

As 2018 comes to an end — leaders for a huge money making venue in the city of Branson are sharing their financial losses for the year, as well as projections for the new year.

It’s all about perspective. That’s what Marc Mulherin, General Manager of the Branson Convention Center wants people to know. He says while at first glance of the numbers, you may think the center is losing a lot of money. However, when you break it all down, that’s really not the case.

We’re absolutely on a great trend right now,” said Mulherin

The numbers reveal that the Branson Convention Center, which is managed by worldwide venue managers SMG, has a projected net loss of a little more than 280-thousand dollars this year.

Mulherin says that’s not a major loss if you consider a couple of facts.

“SMG transitioned from previous management back in 2014 — and our financial trend has been going down ever since. This year we’re projected to lose about 280-thousand..and next year it’s going to be about 264-thousand,” Mulherin said, “Convention Centers, nationwide lose money…But the goal ultimately is to lose as little as possible…We go through cycles. Convention cycles. You may get a convention for three years and then they may pick and leave and go to Kansas City, or St. Louis,” said Mulherin.

He also said you have to consider the numbers under the previous management before his team took over in 2014.

“Previous management, we were looking at about 750-thousand, upwards to a million and a half. So, the range has completely changed over the course of the year,” Mulherin said.

When it comes to maintaining and staying really is a team effort.

“We are in the best position we’ve ever been in with the convention center here in Branson,” said Jeff Seifried, CEO of Branson Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce CVB.

“We are very pleased to continue to bring new business to the market and make a profit in the future with our convention center..and that’s the direction we’ve wanted to go the entire time.. and we’re so close to being there,” said Seifried.

Mulherin says they’re also looking forward to about 5-thousand guests visiting the convention center in January, for an annual soccer tournament.


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