by: Coleman Taylor

The search for John & Amy Villines has yet to turn up any major discoveries as crews continue to work at draining Lake Harrison and searching all probable areas for the couple that has been missing since Flash Flooding swept their vehicle into Crooked Creek on November 30th.

Assist. Fire Chief Darrell Pace said that the search has covered everything from Lake Shore Dam, which is up stream from where the couple disappeared, all the way to Silver Valley Rd and the Highway 65 bridge. The search has been assisted by the Baxter County Sheriff’s office who provided a helicopter to aid in the search on Thursday.

Pace said, “We’re trying to exhaust every avenue we can to find where they may possibly be.”

The search has included divers canvassing the lake, as well as assistance from Boone County 9-1-1 drones, Baxter County Sheriff’s office helicopter, Harrison Fire and Police Departments, many volunteers, and several other sources, all of which have yet to find any promising evidence of the missing couple.

The main focus at this point is draining the lake and making it possible to search the lake bed completely. Pace said that draining Lake Harrison in the summertime would normally take about one week to complete but with the wet winter like conditions plus a substantial amount of leaves and debris covering the lake bed it will most likely be another 3-4 days before the bottom of the lake will be visible. Inclement weather that has been predicted for this weekend could also hamper the search efforts and cause draining Lake Harrison to take even longer than anticipated.

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