Photo courtesy Taney County Sheriff’s Office.

by: Scott McCaulley

Charges have been filed against a person in connection with a threat made against Branson High School earlier this week.

18-year-old Willam James Nelson of Kirbyville is facing a Felony Charge of making a Terroist Threat in the 1st Degree according to Court Records.

Nelson is alleged to have made the threat on Tuesday. A report was filed and an investigation led to the arrest of Nelson on Wednesday.

According to the probable cause statement obtained by our Media Partner KOLR-10 Ozarks First, Nelson wrote on social media app Snapchat, “10 days from now on the 14th of December, it is going down. Not saying where or what time but it is going down. I’m gonna make history, all the anger and all the hurt I’m going to let it out this is it I’m going to show”.

Nelson also claimed he was “buying an AR-15”, “pledging allegiance to Allah”, and claimed if he could not get a gun he would “just use a knife”.

Also according to the PC statement, “when asked if he was going to harm anybody else, William James Nelson told the officer he did not plan to do so but thought about maybe hurting some people”.

Nelson is being held without Bond in the Taney County Jail in Forsyth.

To read the full PC statement, click here.