Press Release

The Taneyhills Community Library will be adding many new health and wellness titles to its shelves, thanks to the Skaggs Foundation. The foundation awarded its 2018 Legacy Grant to the Library this past October.

“We have more than 260 titles coming in before the end of the year,” stated Library Director Marcia Schemper-Carlock. “The new additions will cover subjects like pregnancy and childcare, aging, cancer and diabetes management, healthy eating, mind and body wellness, substance abuse, and diets like the popular Keto diet many people are adopting.”

As a non-tax supported library, Taneyhills has not always had the financial resources to keep its health and wellness collection up-to-date. The Skaggs grant has enabled the Library to refresh its collection with new titles that will be useful to modern readers.

“At this time, the titles for the adult section have been ordered, and we hope to have the children’s titles ordered and on our shelves by the end of the year,” added Schemper-Carlock.

Taneyhills Community Library is a public-access library operating entirely from private funding. Grants such as the Skaggs Foundation Legacy Grant provide the financial resources to keep the library collection current in providing the best and most accurate information to the public.