Branson PA

Press Release

The Branson Police Department held a ceremony on November 15, 2018, to honor 23

graduates of the 2018 Citizens Police Academy. In order to graduate, participants

were required to complete 30 hours of instruction over 11 weeks. The course

covered a variety of topics including police policies, crime scene processing,

defensive tactics, use of firearms and organizational structure within the


The goal of the academy is to build relationships in the community and to give

residents a better understanding of how the police department functions and what

challenges officers face when working to serve the community.

Applications for the 2019 class will be accepted in the Summer.

Congratulations to the 2018 graduates (listed in alphabetical order):

Jenna Ash, Ken Bippert, Ambrielle Brown, Kathy Buckley, Jerry Buckley, Ken Carter,

Mark Fister, Terry Foster, Joanne Kennedy, Suzanne McCarty, David Miller, Jane

Morabito, Donald Morabito, Ed Piland, Janet Piland, Joey Prunchak, Natalie Reasons,

Christy Rice, Brock Saunders, Shannon Startin, Ken Startin, Christal Valbracht, and

Carolyn Waterson.