School Absenteeism Rate Jumps in Several Northern Arkansas Counties Due to Flu

by: Scott McCaulley

The Arkansas Department of Health has been keeping weekly tabs on Flu Cases in the state which includes tracking the percentage of students who miss school during the year because of flu like symptoms.

While the percentages overall are low, statistics reported to the ADH indicate that there was a 10% increase for the week prior to Thanksgiving in several Northern Arkansas Counties including Boone and Carroll.

The Boone County Rate for the week ending November 17 was a 6.88% Rate of absence due to Flu which was close to the State Average of 6.7%. Carroll County was a little higher at 7.52%.

Some of the other surrounding counties range from a low of 5.37% in Newton County up to 7.02% in Marion County and 9.13% in Searcy County.

So far the Flu Activity level in Arkansas has been sporadic as it has been for several surrounding states including Missouri with slightly higher levels of activity in both Louisiana and Texas.



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