by: Scott McCaulley

Jerry Jackson second bid to become Mayor of Harrison proved successful on Tuesday Night as he defeated the man who beat him four years ago to move to the City’s Top Spot. Jackson garnered just over 55% of the vote as Jackson defeated Dan Sherrill 2, 196 to 1, 767.

Jackson was thankful to his supporters for helping him win the race but also credited the man he defeated for his service to the community.

For his part, Sherrill was disappointed but thankful for the time he spent as mayor.

The other two contested races in Harrison went to Heath Kirkpatrick for Ward 3 Position 1 and Joel Williams Ward 4 Position 1 on the Board of Alderman.

Another incumbent Mayor was defeated in Alpena as Bobbie Bailey went down to defeat with Theron McCammond getting the win.

Diamond City elected a new Mayor and two Alderman with Linda Miracle, Kenneth Bollenger, and Charies Grimes winning those races.

Other Boone County Municipal winners were Jason King in Bergman (Alderman Position 5), Cale Thompson (Lead Hill Mayor), Frances Hudspeth, (Lead Hill Recorder and Treasure), Edwin Farmer (Lead Hill Alderman Position 1), Kris Farmer (South Lead Hill Mayor), Fern Kane (South Lead Hill Alderman Position 1), Jacob Slagley  (South Lead Hill Alderman Position 1), and Michael Sylvester (Omaha Alderman Position 1).

In Carroll County, Sam Barr wins the County Judge Race over Charles Reece, Connie Doss defeats Jamie Correia for County Clerk, Jim Ross takes the Sheriff’s Race over Mark Bailey, and Makita Williams claims the Treasurer Position over Kathryn Murray.

Other winners in the area included in Eureka Springs, Butch Berry (Mayor), Susan Harman, Melissa Green, Terrance McClung, and Harry Meyer (Alderman). In Green Forest, Jerry Carlton was elected Mayor with Joyce Varner-Kolb, and Carol Smith and Pamela Norton. winning alderman seats.

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Arkansas Election Returns