Forsyth Senior Center To Hold Gun Fundraiser Next Year

by: Chrystal Blair, Ozarks First

A local senior center hoping to raise money to build a new facility, is pulling out the “big guns” — literally.

The Forsyth Senior Friendship Center is holding a “Gun a Month” drawing. Only one thousand tickets will be given out.

Starting January 1st, The senior center will hold a drawing the first day of every month. If your number is pulled, you will be the winner of a new gun from Ozark Shooters.

Glenda Hunt is with the Forsyth Senior Center.

“We will be giving uh..12 guns away… And like I say..They range from hand guns to rifles, to shotguns. We even also have a Black Powder gun. So it’s a really nice, nice assortment,” Hunt said, “And if you are the lucky winner..if your number is drawn then you win whatever gun that is designated for that month.”

You can enter now until December 31st, by purchasing a ticket for $20.

If you win one month, your number goes back in the drawing for the next month — meaning you could win again.

“We are using the state three digit lotteries. In other words..on the first day of each month. I believe the drawing is at 12:45 in the afternoon,” said Hunt, “Whatever that three digit number is..that is the number that is the number that wins that designated months gun.”

Workers at the center say they’ve outgrown the old building and septic problems are making it difficult for them to help the seniors in need, so they’ve purchased land for a new facility on 76..not too far from the old center.

“Proceeds go to our building fund which we are on track at this point,” Hunt said.

She says they have a lot of paperwork to finish up, but they are right on schedule.

“We are in the process. We have contracted with a lady from the Missouri Council of Governents. She is a grant writer.” said Hunt.

The center needs to raise 200-thousand-dollars for their new facility. Right now, they’re about half way there.

If you don’t pass the background check for legal gun ownership, that voids your ticket — and there are no refunds.


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