by: Scott McCaulley

10 Teachers from Missouri and Arkansas are splitting $10,000 courtesy of Silver Dollar City in their “Dream Big, Do Good” initiative.

The teachers, nominated by students, parents or others in their communities, who exemplify inspiring others and propelling education forward, will each receive $1,000 as winners of Silver Dollar City’s “Dream Big, Do Good” campaign, a 3-month effort in celebration of our educators that included free theme park tickets for teachers through the month of June.

The campaign was done in conjunction with the opening of Silver Dollar City’s new Time Traveler Ride earlier this year. Park officials say in a press release that the ride was inspired by revolutionary thinkers of past, present and future, that encourages others to dream without boundaries and realize the impossible is possible, which are traits these teachers demonstrated as well.

The complete list of the teachers:
Roger Brallier, 6th-8th grades, Hollister Middle School, Hollister, MO
Tonya Claybrook, 4th-5th grades, Highlandville Elementary, Spokane, MO
Sophie Chambers, PK-8th grades, Dewey Elementary, Chillicothe, MO
Tabitha Eutsler, 3rd grade, Jeffries Elementary, Springfield, MO
Tori McGain, K-5th grades, Ozark West Elementary, Ozark, MO
Rachel McNeill, 4th grade, Ray Miller Elementary, Kirksville, MO
Kim Patterson, K-12th grades, Kickapoo High School, Springfield, MO
Laura Schulteis, K-5th grades, Robberson Elementary, Springfield, MO
Leslee Tell, 10th – 12th grades, Conway Area Career Center, Conway, AR
Savanna Wewers. 6th grade, Paris Middle School, Paris, MO