August Primary Results

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In the August Primary Tuesday, Taney County Clerk Donna Neeley and Presiding Commissioner Mike Scofield retained their seats, while Auditor Rick Findley was defeated by challenger David Clark.  Clark garnered 51 percent of the vote to unseat Findley.  Mike Scofield survived a four-way race getting 31 percent of the vote over challengers Ron Herschend, Ken Roten, and John Dees.  Scofield will face-off against Constitution Party Candidate David Stottle in the November General Election. Meanwhile, Donna Neeley received 60 percent of the vote over challenger Shanna Tilley to win another term as Taney County Clerk.


There were four open seats.  William Dub Duston was elected Prosecuting Attorney.  Jody Stahl wins the race for Recorder of Deeds.  Amy Strahan will be the new Circuit Clerk and Jeff Merrell will serve as Circuit Judge for the 46th District.  Tiffany Yarnell was elected as Associate Circuit Judge, Division One.


156th district representative Jeff Justus was re-elected with 82 percent of the vote over Amber Eliazbeth Thomsen.  Taney county’s portion of the 155th District went to Karla Esslinger.


The Democratic race for Branson Township Committeewoman went to Ginger Witty with 56 percent of the vote over challenger Lou Lynette Williams.


Voters in the City of Branson said a resounding no to the collection of a use tax on Internet sales by a vote of 1221 to 547.


A much shorter ballot in Stone County saw Mark Maples elected to the office of Presiding Commissioner with 76 percent of the vote over Robert Hazen.  Indian Point voters said yes to a ½ percent sales tax for road maintenance and improvements.  Brad Hudson won the 138th District state representative’s race.

Detailed numbers can be found at the links below:

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