Coon Creek Road Closes Wednesday for Bridge Replacement

by: Scott McCaulley

A well traveled road between Hollister and Kirbyville closes on Wednesday for the next few months to replace a bridge.

Coon Creek Road will by shutdown so a bridge can be replaced at the low water crossing that has seen water over that bridge several times the last few years. Taney County Highway Administrator Devin Huff tells Hometown Daily News that his department will also take the opportunity to improve some of the curves on the roadway during the work.

Motorist that often use the Coon Creek Road as a shortcut between the two communities will need to use Highway 76 to make that trip. Huff says that Emergency Personnel along with school officials in both Hollister and Kirbyville have been notified of the closure.

Huff says the deadline for completion of the bridge is November 15 but he hopes that the work can be completed by the middle of October.