Harrison Adds a Second Canine Officer

by: Chrystal Blair, Ozarks First

The Harrison Police Department has added a new member to it’s team — and he has four legs.

The new K-9 Cop makes the second one for the department — and this second officer is making history It’s the department’s first time ever having two K-9 officers serve at the same time.

The newest furry team member is Rocky, a 17-month-old German Shepherd, who joined the department on April, 30th, after going through about 12-weeks of extensive training.

Patrol Officer David Alkire is Rocky’s partner.

“Our first K-9, he was getting a lot of work…and the Chief came up to me and asked me if I wanted to work another K-9.. and sent me off to school — and now we got two,” said Alkire, “They’re always important, it’s nice to have at least two dogs on.”

The department’s other K-9 Officer Jerry, has been with the department since 2015. Both dogs are highly skilled in narcotic detection, officer protection and of course, tracking the bad guys.

However, getting Rocky acclimated, was a bit of a challenge.

“Challenging part was trying to get him to get used to me being the master, part of it I guess…and teaching him that I’m the one that’s in charge now instead of the trainers,” Alkire said.

Outside of catching bad guys, Rocky is just like any other dog, that wants to play and love on you.

“It’s always fun to see his face in the morning time and he’s excited about working,” said Alkire.

The bond formed between Officer Alkire and his K-9 partner is strong.

“I mean we’re basically together 24-7,” Alkire said, “I’m with him more than I am with my own family.”

“Between home and here, and working and training, we’re together all the time,” said Alkire, “So, it’s basically having a second spouse, so to speak.”

K-9 Officer Rocky and K-9 Officer Jerry will work different shifts.

Chrystal Blair’s Video Report from Ozarks First: