KOLR-10 Profiles Local Firefighter Who Helps Animals

by: Scott McCaulley

Our Media Partners Ozarks First/KOLR-10 features an Area Firefighter as part of a weekly feature profiling Area First Responders.

Brian Chaney was part of the team from the Central Taney County Fire Protection District that rescued a family pet that had got stuck in a drain pipe earlier this month.

The Lab Mix named Jack had been missing for 10 Days when he was found stuck in a drain pipe. Chaney had also been involved in rescuing a Bald Eagle that had got stuck in some fishing net back in 2017.

Chaney, who is also a farmer as well as a volunteer firefighter, has a passion for taking care of animals and helping them when in distress, though Chaney will not take sole credit for the rescues.

A link to the complete profile of Brian Chaney by KOLR-10’s Daniel Shedd can be found below: