Tiny Homes May be Coming to Hollister

by: Chrystal Blair, Ozarks First

Vacant lots in Hollister that are too small for standard size homes, could soon be put to use. Developers say those lots are just the right size for the popular tiny homes.

City leaders have been discussing the tiny homes possibility with developers over the past few months. The idea has already passed the Planning Commission phase. The next step is approval from City Council.

Although developers have a couple of neighborhoods in mind, they’re hoping to start with just five tiny homes in a lot on Maple near Short Street in Hollister.

City Administrator Rick Ziegenfuss says the homes will be between 400 and 700 square feet. Up to two people are allowed to live in each home, but the regulations will have a couple of allowances.

“A lot of people also would like to have a pet, said Ziegenfuss, “Pets are very popular now. And they would like to have a little bit of maybe a garden, or flowers or something of that nature.”

Anyone is welcome to move into the tiny home community. However, city leaders believe there is one specific demographic that will especially benefit from these types of homes.

“Of course we have college students here with College of the Ozarks and we have other college students in the area — and then we have seniors,”Ziegenfuss said, “Their families are gone and they want to downsize a little bit and these homes are made of particularly extraordinary design, that are very efficient and very attractive.”

Developer Nick Gage says it was the woes of college living with roommates that greatly inspired him to build tiny homes.

“We had a lot of friends of ours had bad situations and turned into credit problems because you know..one person would move out, or there would be a conflict,” said Gage.

Gage was also inspired by the community.

“We have a lot of people that have approached us after the meeting with the city, that are retired, Gage said, “You know folks that have moved in the area. They have limited income.”

Rent for one of the tiny homes would run around $650 per month. Gage plans to read his ordinance to City Council on Thursday for the first reading. Another will take place at the next council meeting. He hopes to have the homes completed by the end of February or beginning of March in 2019.

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