Branson Police Warn of a Possible Roofing Scam

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BRANSON, Mo – The Branson Police Department warns residents in and around the city of a phone scam involving a business claiming to be a roofing company.  It’s reported that the caller tries to pressure residents into conducting business with them over the phone.

This particular company is calling from a Thayer, Missouri phone number to make their pitch.  However, when you try to call the number back, you get a busy circuit signal and the business doesn’t seem to exist.

Police warn residents to never to feel pressured to do business over the phone, especially with unknown entities.

As we enter the storm season, Branson police receive more reports of “fly by night” or fictitious roofing companies that try to take advantage of people who suffered storm damage. Residents can always call the City of Branson to see if a specific company has a business license. Police also encourage residents to call 911 if they suspect a phone scam or if they observe suspicious behavior.