Stone County Sheriff Warns of Phone Scam

by: Hannah Sumpter, Ozarks First

The Stone County Sheriff’s Office is warning Stone County residents of a phone scam soliciting money for the Southern Stone County Fire Protection District.

The sheriff’s office said in a Facebook post Monday that Stone County residents have been receiving phone calls requesting money for the fire district. However, the fire district advised the sheriff’s office that they are not behind the phone calls and is likely some form of scam.

The public is urged to refrain from giving the scammers any personal information.

The following is the full post from the Stone County Sheriff’s Office:

“We were advised by the Southern Stone County Fire Protection District there have been phone calls people in the County have gotten soliciting money for the District. They advised this is not anything they are doing and could be some type a scam. If you receive a call soliciting money please do not give them your information.