Meal Allowance Debated at Boone Co. Quorum

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by Shannon Cay


HARRISON, Ark. – The Boone County Quorum Court debates over how much meal money should be allotted for employees who go out of town.

At the latest meeting, Justices James Widner mad a motion to establish the amount of money permitted to be charged on the Boone County credit card. However, J.P.s broke out into some discussion about what that amount should be set at.

It was suggested trips to Little Rock and Hot Springs be set at $59 a day and $51 a day for all other in-state travel.

Justice Glen Redding then suggested amending the ordinance to a flat fee of $55 to help make the bookkeeping easier.

Justices of the Peace could not come to an agreement in the matter, so the motion was tabled, and sent back to committee.

Otherwise, Justices unanimously approved the transfer of about $909 to the county extension office to pay for repairs on its 5-year-old furnace.