Upcoming Master Gardener Events in Taney County

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FORSYTH, Mo. – Master Gardeners of the Ozarks is welcoming spring with a few upcoming events.  Our first speaker in our annual Brown Bag Lunch Garden Series will be Tuesday, April 17, at noon.  These programs are held in the Master Gardeners Demonstration Garden located at the Taney County MU Extension Office, 122 Felkins Ave., Forsyth, MO.

Step back in time to embrace some gardening wisdom from Cathy Wolven, Master Gardener, that perhaps you first learned about from your grandparents.  The concept of Companion Gardening or planting combinations of specific plants to mutually benefit. goes back in time to when we learned of the Native Americans example of companion planting.  Often called the “Three Sisters” Corn was planted to give beans a place to climb. Beans convert atmospheric nitrogen to a form the plants use. The spreading leaves of squash or pumpkins create a living mulch that reduces weeds and holds moisture.  Companion Planting also is beneficial in bringing pollinators and beneficial insects to your garden.

Join us for this interesting program in our casual outdoor setting.  Bring you lunch and spend your break learning new or sometimes age old gardening topics.  Share with others gardeners and enjoy visiting the Demonstration Garden.  All classes are free and open to the public as part of community education sponsored by the Master Gardeners of the Ozarks.

Mark on your calendar for the upcoming ‘Springtime in the Garden’ being held in Forsyth MO, on Saturday, April 28, 9-3.  We have a very large Plant Sale and programs on Tree Planting and Care presented by MO Department of Conservation at 10 AM and Lloyd Gilmore will be introducing us to Beekeeping at 12:30 PM.

FREE TREES!!! Missouri Department of Conservation has generously provided Free Tulip Poplar and Chinkapin Oak trees for attendees. They also have Free Native Beauty Berry shrubs for your garden.

Master Gardeners of the Ozarks, serving Stone and Taney County, invite you to join us for all these activities and more.  For more information contact the Taney County MU Extension Center at 417-546-4431.