Crochet Club at Branson Community Center

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Press Release


BRANSON, Mo. – The Crochet Club at the Branson Community Center is currently working on making items for local charities and veterans in the Branson area.

So far in 2018, they have donated 140 red hats to Little Hats Big Hearts and over 50 lap robes to the VFW along with 20 more lap robes for residents in local nursing homes. They are also working on completing over 100 hats, slippers, blankets, toys etc. for the Crisis Center.

Last year they donated over 750 items to the community bringing their total donations to nearly 1000 items just since May of last year!!! They are looking for ladies who would like to join their group and are in desperate need of yarn donations.

Please contact Traci at 337-8510 for more information.