Special Meeting to be Held on Landfill Fees

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by Shannon Cay


MARSHALL, Ark. – There will be a special meeting regarding how taxpayers can act against an 18-dollar fee they are being charged to clean up a former landfill out of Baxter County this Saturday.

In May, Pulaski County Circuit Court Judge Tim Fox made the decision that beginning in 2018, residents and business owners in Baxter, Boone, Carroll, Marion, Newton, and Searcy counties will be charged an additional 18 dollars, called a service fee once a year.

This money will go to pay back 13.2 million dollars to Bank of the Ozarks in bonds issued by the district to open the landfill back in 2005.

All six counties were using the space until rising tipping fees and charges to the haulers had many counties drop their local business to instead ship trash out of state.

Organizers say this meeting is not about discussing the issue but about how taxpayers can organize a strategy to fight against the 18-dollar fee. Additionally, organizers say a representative from the Governor’s Office will be in attendance.

The meeting is set for 6:30 p.m. this Saturday, March 17th at the Searcy County Community Center in Marshall.