Father of Alleged Murderer Files Suit Against Sheriff

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by Shannon Cay


HARRISON, Ark. – The father of a man charged in a double homicide is suing Boone County Sheriff Mike Moore for not arresting his son sooner.

According to a lawsuit filed last week in Boone County, Albert Froehlich of Lead Hill alleges Moore was derelict in his job duties leading to the death of his wife.

Albert Froehlich was the husband of 61-year-old Helen Froehlich and friend of 60-year-old Frank Simpson, who were murdered by his son 36-year-old Glen Froehlich on October 5th, 2015.

The petition says authorities should have arrested Glen after a Sept. 19, 2015 incident. The report says on that day, Glen Froehlich had threatened to kill his mother and fired a rifle into the ground.

A deputy did respond to the scene, however, the report reads Glen Froehlich was nowhere to be found.

The petition says the responding deputy did not assess the potential for danger at the scene properly, that a proper investigation was not conducted, that the late Helen Froehlich was never given information about how she could protect herself, and alleges that Moore has failed to train officers properly for domestic violence complaints.

Glen Froehlich’s next court appearance is scheduled for April 13th and his trial has been slated for May 14th. No events in this new case have been scheduled.